Before We get to the Fur

Rose Gold Treasures

The page title wasn't a mistype, I really did write wonderfur because I'll be talking about some wonderful faux fur must haves this season! But as you know, my jewels come first so here's a sneak peak at what's to arrive Monday 16th October!!! 

The necklace is free from hands, eyes and Tassels, I'm not sure how I feel about that because I love all of those things, but change is good and versatility is even better!! And plus I only create pieces that I want to wear which makes me quite greedy as we have over 75 pieces online and I would be lying if I said I didn't get upset when my favourites get sold 😂 (Sad I know) but on the upside sharing is caring! 



And there's more where that came from!

My Favourite Hand, Her Name is Fatima.

A closer view of our other newbie necklace in rose gold (plated over Sterling silver, 18 inch chain with extender, and coloured zirconia). 

What I love about our simpler chain Beauties is that they're very wearable for frequent use, especially over a white t shirt or with a blouse. The perfect simple accessory. 

Zoomed in! Oh and our rose gold beauty bracelets are available from £45 (completelyadjustable).


Burnt orange & Leopard Print

I love a bit of contrast, and also my favourite style is a casual one. 

Glamour is great too but most days I find it's too much effort to be glamorous so casual, cool and comfortable is my mantra. 

This picture is literally a Zara haul, trainers and jumper both from there, brand new collection £39.99 each. I love a skinny denim and I find Topshop fantastic for jeans. My favourite styles are Joni and Leigh priced between £38-£45 each. I don't believe in buying designer jeans as the high street does a better job in my opinion! 

Mixing high street and designer is my motto as with the average person on the street, and spending has a lot to do with how bad you have to have something. I'm sure us ladies can all agree on that! 

Closer look. Our Zenobia starts from £45 all available online

Houndstooth & Pops of Colour

Bedazzled Tassel Earrings £45

I got this top from Zara too, it was £25.99 from the upstairs section, I like to call it the teenage section, it's always a bit less nice there and generally for 16-25 year olds but you can find a few odd picks! 

I especially liked the black sports trim collar on this and the rest of the top is quite loose, which is nice as I'm not a fan of tight jeans with a tight top, it's either/or! 


We think our Bedazzled Tassel Earrings go perfectly, we put the turquoise with it but to be honest our red pair goes beautifully too, you could add a red bag and some nude points and voila, evening ootn sorted! (Available online £45) 

Best Selling Bedazzled Tassel Earrings in red or Turquoise £45 available online now!

New Earcandy!

Back to wonderfur!

Back to Wonderfur!

I love fur!

Ok so let's get stuck in! I love all of these pieces, most are faux-fur but some really excellent quality but pieces! 


In the first pic, top left from Fendi, obviously had to throw in a major designer as that's most likely where the inspo for smaller brands came from. Top right grey fur vest with hot pink pockets from Unreal Fur at £199. Bottom left is from Fashion World and bottom right £120 Helena Berman. 


Im the second pic, the black fur jumper is from the khaki one is from and the deep Green faux fur long coatigan is £165 from French Connection. 


I love all things unique and these pieces scream exactly that!!!

Have a Fabulous Weekend!

Hope you enjoyed this post and hope you have a fabulous weekend!!! 


Stay tuned for more Zenobia News and fashion infused goodness in the meantime!!! 



Zenobia X