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Granny's Cardigan & Zenobia Jewels

Cheesy ootd

That's right, that's exactly what it says. "Granny's Cardigan"! I love the size of it especially as it's not quite coat weather! I never really start wearing a coat until the clocks go backwards, the darkness convinces me it's actually cold! That means only 3 weeks left of it being light at 6pm!!! 


Anyway, my massive grey cardi is from River Island, the maroon top is from Zara last year and YES my black tassel earrings look perfect with it!!! I just love this earring style right now! There are tassel earrings everywhere right now in the shops starting from just £8, but I didn't love any of them because you will keep finding someone on the street wearing them or worse, someone you know wearing them! 

I like to be a bit different in some way, so an accessory or some kind of tribute to your outfit which will have people asking "oh where did you get that?" Is always a treat. 


Thats why I created this Tassel earring collection and lots more styles of them! Our Tassel Collection prices start at £30. Way above the £8 high street but to be honest so is the look and quality! Plus I'd rather pay more to be unique than have people say "oh is that Topshop?" Hehehe 

That probably sounds petty but we love individuality even though we love Topshop too! 


And Tassels Obviously

The Collage has just two unique pieces I quite liked, the ankle boots from Asos and the knit jumper from French Connection. I love the colours on both! So current and eye catching!!! 


Our 6 Tassel Necklaces are also a best seller, we had 12 when they were launched in September and are down to just these for the rest of the year! Eek! 

I love the colours of them all, you can also ask to add/remove charms!! 

These babies are priced starting at £40 as two of them are Sample pieces. The others range from £75-£85. 

A closer view (all available in online store)

More Zenobia Styling

Pop of Colour

Scallops are what is going on in the shops right now, I especially have noticed a lot of them in Ted Baker! To be honest I'm sick of their flower print that has been going on for 10 years now. I know it's their signature but no more!!! Please! Hehe 

However they had some nice scallop edge cardigans and some gorgeous scallop edge trousers! I highly recommend going on their website! 


My top is Claudie Pierlot, their quality is simply excellent! And plus a white blouse is a white blouse for life so I believe in spending on certain pieces. 

Just like my Valentino bag which has been a favourite of mine since I bought it 2 years ago, still love it and not ready to replace it!!! My boots are Karen Millen, if you love the Stuart Weitzman ones then these are the next best thing and for half the price because £600 on boots?? Ouch! 


Of course a pop of colour is a must like all these Turquoise pieces we handpicked for you!! From £18. 

The Best of Black

Black Beauties

Black is a woman's favourite safe colour! If all else fails, pull out your favourite black top or dress! Plus black is classic and always looks elegant! 

My top is Maje, love the velvet bow! I teamed it with my Gucci scalloped pearl shoes which are a new buy!!! Have only worn them a couple of times but my my so comfortable! 


Which Zenobia earrings would you wear with them? Yes there's one new pair there to be launched soon with its family of 2 other colours! Prices in the photo from £35. 

Top left dress Asos, bottom right Whistles

Jewels, Jewels & More Jewels

As you know, we have been extremely busy working on launching our new A/W 2017 Collection during September, plus working on our Online Store and this Blog, so really just wanted to say that we hope you have enjoyed everything as westill have so many exciting things to come! 

October will still see some new pieces Launching, much less than September but the last of our collection for this year will be unveiled in the next few weeks!! So keep your eyes peeled! 

That's it til next time!

Zenobia X