Golden Wonders

2017 is going so quick!!!

Bel Fiore Part Two

How have we arrived to October? October!!! 2017!!! This year was simply a blink of an eye! I know we say it every year but really it's unbelievable! 

We celebrated Hasan's 4th birthday this year! 4!!! (He's my son by the way). 


Anyway...I didn't mean for this to be a dear diary moment so I'll crack on to the golden beauties in the pics!!! 

"Bel Fiore" Part Two is here!!!!!! Bel Fiore means beautiful flower in Italian and since these earrings have been created with inspiration from Italian Fashion, we thought we would at least honour the language, plus it's fun to say! 

They're again completely gold plated, like most of our jewellery and light on the ear! No red ear lobes for us! 



Putting 2 & 2 Together

Zara, Asos & Zenobia Jewels

Surprise Surprise my jumper is Zara! Gosh I love that place! And the more you read from my accounts on here the more you might love it too or think "does she not shop anywhere else?" I promise I do, but Zara is great because it's current, fits well, always has new pieces, and inexpensive so you can buy something new all the time! 


The leather leggings are Zara too! Love these little leopard pumps from Asos, their own brand, they're only around £30 which is great as although I like leopard print, I couldn't wear it daily so there's are "an add to cart kind of I'll wear you sometimes shoe!!! "

I also love how you can dress up or down the earrings, daytime wear with layers like big knot jumpers or cardigans and the then dress up with a dress or fancy top! Hurrah! Win win! 

Peach Perfect

Frill Fun

So Balmain has got such beautiful colours in store for their Spring/Summer 2018 Collection. Check out Vogue's website to see the runway at fashion week recently! 


Our Peach Pink Bel Fiore earrings are so unique and gorgeous they really will statement any outfit!!! 


The pink frill top below is by a brand called Lost Ink. I quite like the frill and it could do with some ear candy! Our peach ones are perfect for it! 

Cobalt Craze

Balmain on Runway

Recently we introduced our Tassel Earrings to you all and you loved them! Especially the cobalt ones! 

We sold out of them several times and have just 2 left available to purchase in the online store!! 

Anyway my point is the colour is so striking, vibrant and bold that even just wearing with denim jeans and a white t shirt can make a dull outfit into a dazzling one! (Cheesy but true)! 

So these Cobalt blue Bel Fiore's are just as striking, and we are quite obviously obsessed with the colour as our part one Bel Fiore's also included cobalt blue roses! 


In my opinion, a girl can never tire of roses! 

Illustrating Size of them when worn

Zenobia and H&M

I'm not the biggest H & M fan, I'll be honest! I like their kids stuff but the women's section is a real hit and miss. Mostly miss actually! 


But I stumbled across these cute pieces, the netted black floral top at £35, and the grey jumper with some assorted flowers on them at £50. I love the colours on both!!!

They come in black too!!!

Firenze Flower Necklace £55, available on line now!

Mosaic Muse

"Mena" Mosaic Necklace & Earrings both available in online store.

The "Mena" Mosaic necklace and earring set has literally thrown me off the rails!!! I love it so much and hope you do too!!! 

Its so dainty and jazzes up any outfit even though it's so simple. I think elegant is the word!!  


I love the ootd below too! Top from Ba & Sh. Tweed jacket from Zara. 

That's it from me...for now

I hope I shed some light as to our brand new pieces! 

We are currently working on a few more projects for this year but not too many as the year moves to a close!!! 


We are also going to be implementing an "Offers" Tab so keep checking the website for new and exciting things! 


Enjoy you first week of October!!!

Zenobia X