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Army Pants & Flip Flops

Army Jacket and Tassel Tops.

Obviously the title has little to do with what I'm actually wearing but who doesn't love the film Mean Girls?? I'm not wearing flip flops but I am wearing an army jacket! 

If you haven't watched Mean Girls then you're probably wondering why I'm making no sense. Maybe you're wondering that anyway? 😂 


Anyway, so as the page title suggests, I am showing you Zenobia's A/W 2017 Necklace Collection as seen worn in this post. I have not covered all necklaces but some of my favourites! 


Ofcourse the Tassels are still the subject! The necklace I'm wearing is completely gold plated with lavender and Ice Pink framed semi precious stones, Turquoise Agate and Zenobia's Signature Tassel in pink. Priced at £85 plus postage. Soon available in our online store! 

Camouflage Tribal Jacket

My crazy statement Jacket is from Zara. It was purchased a few weeks ago and I love the detail at the back, especially the frill. It goes perfect with my Zenobia Gradient Earrings which are available in the online store by the way! 

I couldn't find mine online anymore but here's a similar one in the collage I found which is also lovely! It's khaki, it's got Tassels, enough said!! 

Gradient Earrings £28 plus postage (available online)

Tribal Tassel Earrings


So I also noticed what an exact match our Deep Green Tribal earrings were with this jacket! Again, available to purchase now online! They're light, fun and unique and you can totally dress them up as well! 

Earrings £40, Sterling silver bracelet £45.

From £45.

Heritage Haul

Both New York and London Fashion Weeks have seen crazy numbers of check jackets, but I found it difficult to find the right one! There's lots of manly looking ones which is great if you're dressing up as one from the 1940's but it's 2017, we are female and while I get the whole androgynous vibe going on, some of us are still pretty girly! 


I bought mine from River Island, what I loved the most was that the sleeves were slim and fitted, while the rest was loose-ish! It has a couple of pearl brooches on it which had me sold! It's available in shops now and I highly recommend it! Perfect with any skinny jean! 


The shirt in the photo is by QED from Asos! The maroon pearl pumps also Asos and oh would you look at that,so are the trousers! I love all the side stripe trousers happening right now, but I'm more interested in bicolour side stripes so I found it hard to get more than just these to show you! 

The " Pearlfect " Statement Necklace £85 plus postage

Love the Jewels You're In

I simply love this necklace! I'm not sure I even want to give it away! 😂 

As you know, I design and make much of what you see from my collection! My ideas can take anything from hours to finish from design to end or months of umms and aahs before I'm happy with it! 

All parts of this necklace are gold plated. Contact us to purchase or wait until it's online! (Hopefully in the next week or 2). 

Oh and these are back in stock. £35 (plus p&p) Available in online store

Moving On...


The Double Crescent Matte Gold Chain Necklace 😍😍 I don't need to say more! Or do I? 


Its such a good throw on necklace for those who want one of those "it goes with everything" necklaces. Completely gold plated by the way and all Pearls are freshwater pearls. 


The matching earrings are imitation pearls, very light but I'm in love with its hollow design and also the size of them. £25 plus postage. 

A closer look. Priced at £75 plus postage

Brand New Bangles Not launched yet!!!

Magnetic Clasp Gold Vermeil Bangles Coming Soon

And There's More!

Tassel Delights

Some of our favourite necklaces can be seen in the collage! Remember, we only make one of each piece and rarely will they be remade once they have been sold. 


If you are interested in anything on this page which is not available in the online store, please contact us by clicking the contact page above or: 


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