Bold Gold & Lavender Loving

Having a Lavender Daffodil moment

Firstly can we just take a moment and admire the handbag in the photo?! I'm simply obsessed with it, it's bold, it's gold, but the best part about it is that it's got some colour pop in there which can literally make any outfit shine. It's from Pinko, retails around £400, which in my opinion is fabulous especially as it's quite a seasonal bag rather than a classic! 


I think the shades of mustard and lavender go so well together, bottom left is a mohair jumper from Ganni, retails around £300, the basic lavender wool jumper is £39.99, and mustard top at £25.99, both Mango. 


To be honest, although the Ganni jumper is more of a statement knit, I kind of prefer the Mango one as you can do so much more with it, plus the less fussy something is, the less people remember it, the more you can wear it! Aha! Win win! 

And since I'm all about accessorising, I'd much rather add a necklace or a pair of statement earrings to decorate! 



Colour contrast

As you know, accessorising to me is very important so adding a pair of even simple earrings daily is a must! Zenobia's flower bezel stone range is perfect for those lazy jewellery days or even for work. They're dainty, light and come in 3 different colours, turquoise, ice pink/clear and orange, prices at £35 each. They are completely gold plated! 

 The matching bangles are real beauties too, completely adjustable, in 5 colours, black,ice pink/white, emerald green, turquoise and green. The black bangle has a rose gold finish, unlike the others which are gold. Priced at £35 each too. 



Happy Handbags

Statement season

Love the new Mulberry collection, their bags always seem classic while still keeping up with the modern trend. The mustard and purple ones start at £475 for the mini and £695 for the small. Code name "Amberley".

I have also found some great leather look and metallic leggings from Zara too, no photos but the metallic ones would be thee perfect match with the Mulberry Amberley bag in mustard. 

Those satin yellow mules are only for the brave but again uber cool and fashionable: available from The OUTNET: Sam Edelman at £82.50. 

Lastly, also love the new Dolce and Gabbana collection, the mini black bag is beautiful, I think it's more casual considering the plain leather strap. You couldn't really use it as an evening bag but it's another perfect statement piece!!!! It retails at £895. 



Starry Surprise

Stars in my eyes

Have you noticed all the stars in the shops? They're literally on every jumper!!! 


This fun sweat top is Maje from The OUTNET at £96. You can find alternatives on the high street, I might do another post featuring these! 


Love the starry trainers, bottom left are Saint Laurent, bottom right are from a brand I noticed in John Lewis called And/Or at £85. 

Theres nothing like feeling comfortable but fabulous in some great trainers. 

I didn't post the famous Gucci ones on here on purpose, I considered getting them a few months ago and got completely put off after seeing virtually every other person wearing them in the street. Don't get me wrong, the range of styles are great and I never say never especially since girls minds can change like a switch button hehe but for now I think I'll stick to not conforming with the crowd 😊

First week of September Done

Please let me know if you have any other questions or feedback! But most importantly, enjoy your weekend wherever you are! 

Zenobia X