Tassel Tornado

Tassel me crazy

Can you tell I love Tassels? But it's not about me is it? 😷 I hope I can shed light into a few of my lookbook top picks for this Autumn!! 

Some might look at the pictures and think ok those are too big, they won't suit me, my face is too small, they're not me.....in fact I've heard all the excuses and to be honest whatever you're selling, I'm not buying 😂

My first question to all of the above rants are: why? I really believe in experimenting! And if at first you don't succeed with Zenobia's bigger tassel beauties, why not go for the smaller ones? That's right there's a smaller version for the shy ones out there! 



Red ruffles

Matchy matchy was so...2016, for me anyway hehe It's nice to have a dash of colour somewhere without looking like a Christmas tree! I teamed my pink tassel earrings with the perfect ruffled oversize jumper in berry red, grey leggings and some sparkly pumps. It's perfect for September and October until the boots come out! 

Keep scrolling to see some of my favourite high street jumpers out at the moment! 

New Knits 2017

High street to Designer

The slide show I've made above is just to illustrate some of my top picks, some might be "boring" but actually with the right accessories (Like Zenobia of course) can work a treat!

1. Tangerine one is from a brand called Free People which is £128, can be purchased from both asos and their own website www.freepeople.com 


2. Royal blue one at £39.99 from Zara. Love that it's oversized! 


3. Grey jumper with black frill £16 (bargain) from asos! Asos's own line. 


4. Black sweat top with frill £190, MSGM. 


5. Black tassel sweat top £49, Biba at house of Fraser. 



So along with the tassel earring festival I've created, there are these newbies too! 3 pretty necklaces to choose from. Any gold or silver is plated. Pearls are freshwater pearls, and other stones used are semi precious. 

I love these with those plain oversized jumpers seen above or maybe a crisp white shirt? Simplicity at its finest! 

The turquouise and black beaded ones are £75 each. The pearl one is £85. (Plus postage) 

Details on how to purchase are shown at the end! 

Smaller Tassel Earrings

Colours colours colours

Which brings me to my up and coming venture: smaller tassel earrings! These are smaller and have less Tassels, and guess what? Even lighter!! 

Available in 5 colours! At £30 each plus postage. Please remember we don't stock lots of each colour so if you have spotted the ones you want, get in touch 😊 

Less can be more

Cobalt blue 💙

Here's what the smaller ones look like on! Sorry you have to see my cheesy face on here all the time, I'm happy for any models to apply for Zenobia, but until then you will have to make do with me hehe! 



Bold is Beautiful

And here they are just to compare and contrast size! The two at the top are from the smaller range and the bottom red pair are the larger range. The larger ones are £35 plus postage. 


Oh and of course I'm sure you have noticed the red stripe Gucci fever! In line with that, I quite liked this cricket jumper below which is from a brand called Bones, also Asos at £35. 

Where to purchase Zenobia

If you like anything on my Instagram @zenobia_jewels or any jewellery by Zenobia as featured on my blog, you can purchase directly by: 


1. Contacting 07811 190 543 

2. Emailing zenobiajewels@hotmail.com 

3. Send a direct Instagram message



Stay tuned for future blog posts!! 

Zenobia X