Tassel and Fur Frenzy

Pop of Colour. 

My post is dedicated to my love for pops of colour! It amazes me how accessories can really make or break an ootd. Thats "outfit of the day" by the way, but who am I to educate on  this era's social media as if you didn't know?! 


This summer I spent creating something different, out of my comfort zone, outside the norm of Zenobia's nature, big colourful statement pieces, with earrings being the major! 

A lot of factors spring to mind when creating earrings; size, weight and durability. There's nothing worse than having a red hot ear in agony from wearing your favourite earrings all for the sake of fashion, although I have been guilty of this in the past, I generally try to stick to the "light earring rule" hehe! 


My inspiration has evolved from major designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Kenneth Jay Lane and Ben-Amun. All with one thing in common; colours!


You may have seen lots of tassels and coloured earrings recently on the high street which begs the question, what makes Zenobia so special? Well to put it bluntly, it's not on the high street and why be the same when you can be different? There's always a twist somewhere, like the rhinestones on the pieces you see on this page! The best part is they're so light, you will barely feel them on and Zenobia loves to boast affordable luxury! 

5 Colours to choose from

I didn't choose the colourful life. The colourful life chose me. 

Fur Sleeves & Velvet pumps

Velvet Galore

Like I said I love a pop of colour, nothing too dramatic or over the top but just enough so you have changed your look! I absolutely love the Zara sweat top with the faux fur sleeves as can be seen in the first picture above! It's oversized, it's comfortable and it's best teamed with some dark grey leggings or jeans, some velvet pumps like the ones below and ofcourse a pinch of Zenobia! It's not rocket science for some to put pieces together, but sometimes we just want another perspective or maybe ideas! 


My favourite pair of velvet pumps are the navy ones bottom right, surprise surprise on the higher end of the price spectrum from Stella McCartney. But the other 3 are still quite lovely, top two are Miss Kg by Kurt Geiger around £70 and the bottom left are Carvela at £70 too (I actually think those were on sale!) But don't ask me about comfort, I'll leave that to you! 

5 colours to choose from

I think that's a wrap, if you have any comments or questions just let me know! 

Zenobia X