Taking it back to 2012

Blog me Blog me not

For a really long time, I have wanted to expand on Zenobia with the little things like this blog. Should I, shouldn't I? Blog me blog me not? The verdict: Yes! 

On my page you will find news on Zenobia's latest ventures and updates on creations and what's to come! Plus I am a fashion fiend, wife and mother so you might see some unrelated jewellery posts on here too. Look away now if this is not your cup of tea, otherwise keep on ogling  :) 

I think I will start by introducing Zenobia Jewels as that is what we are talking about right? She was created by me in August 2012 with her official launch in September 2012! So her 5 year birthday is soon! Eek! 

And for those that don't know me, my name is not Zenobia, but rather my alter ego to Zainab my real name. 

Anyway so why Jewellery and why are there hands and eyes everywhere? I've always been obsessed with colours and costume jewellery but many pieces I have bought in the past were either too mainstream, not available in the UK or overly priced for temporary enjoyment. I get bored easily and like to change up my style all the time!!! I wanted to create a brand which boasted simple luxury with a middle eastern vibe. I love the idea of the "Hand of Fatima" and evil eyes so whilst I have in some ways stuck to the basics, there's always a twist somewhere as I create and make much of what you see! Plus if you have followed my work over the years you can see Zenobia evolving with new and exciting concepts, not just hands and eyes (even though I and lots of you are still huge fans)! 

I take pride and passion in my work and hope you enjoy seeing more, but more importantly wearing more Zenobia! 

I will end on that note! Until next time...




Zenobia X